Origin's Easifold 3000 series is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, and is certified to comform to every current building regulation including Severe Weather rating achieved to the highest British standards available
Suitable for both domestic and commercial installations, the Easifold 3000 system can provide tighter security, wider openings, and an enormous choice of colours and finishes.
Secure - because the locking system and hinges are state-of-the-art, safe, reliable, and long lasting.

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Improved access - because the nature of the design allows the ultimate in free-running, lightweight operation, courtesy of Easifold's unique Freeglide enclosed track system.
A wide choice of colours - every shade in the RAL colour system, and the ability to provide dual colours for interior and exterior finishes.
The Easifold 3000 series changes the relationship between the interior and exterior of your home or your business - by making alfresco space available, with the minimum of effort, in moments.